tldr: Your stuff is your stuff, and we keep it as secure as we can.

  1. R&D Landscape will keep a record of the information provided by any user of R&D Landscape or’s services (hereafter “Client”) when the Client’s account is registered. R&D Landscape maintains Client data in plain text on an encrypted file system, and all traffic is encrypted and secured with a valid SSL certificate. R&D Landscape will keep that information for only internal use for the maintenance and operation of Client accounts. R&D Landscape will never sell or otherwise distribute any information contained in Client account records, except to comply with a valid court order.
  2. Since R&D Landscape has no ownership claim of any record of any Client data (other than basic information needed for account maintenance), R&D Landscape cannot and will not use, copy, sell, or otherwise distribute Client data for any reason, except to comply with a valid court order.
  3. Credit card information is strictly handled by No electronic credit card information or transaction data ever reaches R&D Landscape’s server. For this reason, R&D Landscape does not own or have any possessory claim to data associated with electronic credit card transactions. A link to the Terms of Service of can be found here: